Top Japanese Chainsaw Brands You May Not Know

When choosing a chainsaw, it is essential to select that one which fulfills the needs as per your requirement. A lot of brands have flooded the market with various types of chainsaws and therefore vital to check them in details before settling for one. Japan has been on the limelight for many years and for being one of the pioneers of the chainsaws. It has over the years risen to the top ladder in the market through the provision of quality products that suits the needs of various target audiences.

Below is a list of top Japanese chainsaw brands that you might not be aware of and comes in handy for both professional and regular work.

Echo chainsaws

Echo chainsaws

It might catch you by surprise to learn that Echo chainsaw brands are Japanese rooted. The company started as Kioritz Corporation in 1947 and was separated into Echo Company in 1978. The company is popularly known for providing high-end and top-performing chainsaws. The chainsaws are available for various purposes and are suitable for DIYers, professionals, hobbyists, and casual work around the yard.

Echo chainsaws are convenient and efficient, and their bars vary from 12 inches to above 20 inches. They are easy to start and maintain and cannot be a hassle even for the beginners. The economical chainsaws have a powerful engine that allows cutting through hardwood an easy task.

It is essential to understand that the echo chainsaws are available in light and heavy-duty to suit various needs. They have a vibration-reducing technology which makes the operations comfortable giving control as well as easy access to the functionality of the chainsaw. With the availability of accessories and amazing features, echo chainsaws have a high performance and are durable. Echo has some of the best chainsaws just under $200.

Ryobi chainsaws

Ryobi chainsaws

Ryobi is a company that was established in 1943 as Ryobi Seisakusho Co., Ltd. and later changed to its current name in 1973. The Japanese chainsaw brand specializes in providing high-quality power tools used for various tasks such as drilling, woodworking, mowing, and trimming, among others.

Among the provided tools is the Ryobi chainsaw that uses brushless technology. The technology offers more power, run time, and enhances a high performance. They are designed for small jobs such as clearing and other cutting jobs, which makes them suitable for camping, DIY projects, and other small outdoor activities.

The Ryobi chainsaws come with amazing features which ensure there is less maintenance of the tool saving on time and funds. The chain of the chainsaw is easily tensioned without using keys or tools, enabling efficiency. It also comes with less noise during the operations, no smoke and fuel emissions as well as zero chances of a flooded engine.

Tanaka chainsaws

Tanaka chainsaws

Tanaka business was started in 1918 and later after growth and development changed its name to Tanaka Kogyo Co., Ltd. The company dominates the industry with its wide range of chainsaw serving various purposes

Tanaka chainsaws accommodate both professional and casual work. They have a powerful performance delivering clean cuts for all their operations. Despite the chainsaws having a powerful engine, they are light in weight easing the movements. Also, the chainsaws have a lower power to weight ratio, which ensures the user is less fatigued when using it.

Tanaka chainsaws are convenient and bring about comfort with the anti-vibration feature as well as the inbuilt lanyard. The lanyard is vital especially when climbing up trees. It is easy and quick when it comes to chain adjustment, given the tensioning feature.

Other than the 2-stroke powerful engine that deals with serious and challenging cutting jobs with ease, it has an oiling system that is gear driven, providing much more convenience. Controlling of Tanaka chainsaws is also easier with the sprocket nose bar.

Makita chainsaws

Makita chainsaws

Makita chainsaws are one of the earliest inventions. Makita Company was started as Makita Electric works by Masaburo Makita of Nagoya, Japan. With growth, development, and technology advancement, Makita was leading in the production of chainsaws in the sixties.

Makita chainsaws offer high performances and are designed to carry out heavy-duty challenges making them ideal for professionals. They are also available for lightweight duties, especially for small activities. It is easy to handle the chainsaws given their power, torque, and light in weight features.

Makita chainsaws are either gas, battery, or electric corded, giving the users a chance to pick their choice without limitations. Working on a lot of tasks consistently is made easier with the chainsaw due to their powerful engines. Makita chainsaws are environmentally friendly, given that they have low emissions. With these, there is no pulling of strings, priming, tone ups, or fumes. Less noise is also produced during the operations. 


Japanese chainsaw brands offer the best quality of chainsaws in the industry. Given their features and the used technology, they can handle both heavy-duty and light-duty tasks with ease. The Japanese brands cater to the needs of beginners, professionals, DIYers, and hobbyists. All you need to do is find a brand that suits your needs perfectly and get efficient and maximum value due to their high performance. want to say thank you to Mark from for helping us find this list.


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