Top wood splitting tools

The Easiest Way to Split Wood: Top 5 Wood Splitting Tools

For one to create a long-lasting and hot fire, wood is an essential factor. Splitting wood is vital as it allows penetration of air in the wood and drying up as well. The aim of splitting the wood is to reduce the weight a log carries and making it easier to handle and stack them. However, splitting the wood can be a difficult task, especially when not using the right splitting tools. Besides having the required tools, it is vital to ensure you have insights on how to use them to avoid injuries during the operations.

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Top 5 wood splitting tools

The following are tools that will help you to split the wood effectively successfully:

  • Axe and Splitting maul
axe splitting wood

The axe and the splitting maul are two different handy tools that look similar in some aspects. Axes have been in use for a long time, and the traditional method of splitting wood is still in use today. Axes and mauls are an excellent form of exercise besides their work, and not everyone will go for them, especially with bulky work. Using these hand tools requires physical ability, time, and inclination.

Today, the axe and the maul come in various head and handle designs. An axe is light in weight but requires immense strength to wield and ideal for small logs. The splitting maul is much thicker than the axe and is also blunt and heavy. It is ideal for splitting heavy and hardwood along the grain. A sledgehammer edge at the back comes in handy making it easier to split the wood.

  • Splitting wedges
Splitting wedges

The wedges are best known to deal with knotty pieces with ease. Wedges work better when there is a combination of a sharp started wedge and other blunt and wider wedges. The starter wedge is used to bite into the wood while the blunter and wider wedge continues with the started job. The wedges are driven into the wood using a sledge. The advantage is that it is driven in the same spot until the wood splits.

  • Hydraulic log splitter
Hydraulic log splitter

Hydraulic log splitters have the capabilities of splitting bulky firewood with ease whether it is softwood or hardwood. It is also able to deal with knots efficiently. They are available in three models: electric, manual, and gas hydraulic log splitter. The electric hydraulic log splitter is electric-powered, making it easier to split the wood by just pressing the buttons once the logs are loaded.

The manual one uses hydraulics and has two handles that extend upward. Cutting using the manual hydraulic is done by placing the wood between the hydraulic extension and the wedge and pulling the handles each at a time. It helps to push the arm towards the log facilitating the splitting of the woods.

The gas hydraulic log splitters are ideal for splitting any wood given the tons of force they produce. They can also be used anywhere since they are run using gas. They have a wedge which means with an X shaped wedge, you can save a lot of time by splitting the pieces into four.

  • Chainsaws

The chainsaws can be used to split firewood with ease. They are available in either corded, Electric or gas chainsaws. They have multiple functions from the felling of trees, pruning, limbing as well as splitting the logs. Given their features, high performance, and power, they give maximum value and does a perfect job.

It is essential to understand that when using a chainsaw, caution should be taken and also, having insights is very important. It can be difficult for beginners to do a perfect job when using the chainsaw. The chainsaws are however very convenient and safe as long as the correct procedure is followed and safety gear put in place.

  • Crosscut saw
Crosscut saw

The crosscut saw is another vital tool that helps to split wood. It is similar to a handsaw given its handle. The crosscut saws have a heavy and stiff blade which makes them suitable for tasks such as turning the already felled trees into logs and firewood. Their lightweight makes them flexible, easing the operations. 

They have teeth patterns which are intended to cater for different cuttings. It is easy to use the crosscut saw as it resembles the handsaw which operates similarly. It is ideal for beginners and amateurs.


Splitting the wood is essential as it paves the way for good heating using well dried and aired firewood. There are various wood splitting tools available, and all are dependent on the needs and preferences of the users. The tools mentioned above are ideal for splitting as they are efficient and offer convenience. It is wise to ensure all the safety gears are in place and following the right procedure when using the tools.

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