How to Cut a Large Log on the Ground

How to Cut a Large Log on the Ground

Cutting large logs on the ground is an easy task when the right procedure is followed. Having information and experience on how to do it helps in saving time. It also assists in avoiding hurting oneself and those around. First of all, it is essential to get the right tools, and for the large logs, chainsaws are the best deal.

As far as know, It is ideal to pay attention to the characteristics of the log as it helps in the entire cutting process. Also, safety comes first. The cutters should always ensure they have the protective gears from the safety glasses, heavy boots, earplugs, and gloves.

How to Cut a Large Log on the Ground

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Things to do before cutting the large logs

  • First, choosing the tools and accessories to be used is essential. Also, the working condition of the chainsaw should be verified to ensure it is viable for the job.
  • The area should be well cleared of any debris to ensure that there is enough working space.
  • A great posture should be in mind as it comes with less fatigue. The upper body should be in a position where it supports the chainsaw without issues. To achieve this, the distance between the feet (feet apart) should be more significant than the length of the shoulders.

The procedure of cutting the large logs on the ground

When the log is on a ground level, two cutting methods can be used; over bucking and under bucking. Over bucking refers to when the log is cut from the top. It is the simplest yet the safest way to cut a log on the ground. Under bucking refers to when the log is cut upwards from the lower side.

Cutting a log from the ground can be challenging due to the fact that the chainsaw can run on into the earth if not handled carefully. Either way, suspending the tree on one side is not an option as it causes more problems. With a well-leveled ground, safety precautions, and a good posture in place, the operation is deemed to be a success.

The ground should be firm, to ensure the logs will not roll. To ensure stability, one can use small pieces of wood or wedges where necessary.

The procedure of cutting the large logs on the ground

Steps to be followed

  • Start the chainsaw at a low speed. It should be well-positioned at the pre-market points on the log.
  • The next step is sawing about three-quarters of the log and stop. It helps prevent the chainsaw from touching or cutting the ground.
  • The above procedure should be repeated on all the pre-marked points on the log.
  • Once all the marked points are cut three-quarter way, the logs should be rotated at 180 degrees. A felling level can be used where necessary. The logs should be held firmly in the ground as well.
  • The final step is finishing the cuttings that were left on three quarters from the opposite side.

The dos and don’ts when cutting a log on the ground

  1. Cutting the log from top to bottom while applying light pressure on the saw. Also, it is crucial to let the saw work itself, allowing the teeth to pull the chain bar into the log being cut.
  2. The guide bar nose should not come in contact with the ground or any other object.
  3. In the case of chainsaw pinching, one should not restart the chainsaw when it is still pinched.

What to do when the chainsaw is pinched during cutting of large logs

Sometimes, minor issues occur when cutting large logs on the ground and should be addressed and continue with the process. If the guide bar is pinched or caught in the log, forcing it out is not an option. One should turn the chainsaw off and drive a wooden wedge or plastic into the cut using a hammer. It helps in removing the saw with ease.

One should avoid restarting the chainsaw before solving the pinching problem. Once the pinching is resolved, the chainsaw can be restarted and continue with the operation using the same downward direction of cutting the log.


Cutting large logs on the ground is an easy task when the right procedure is followed. Having the right tools and a clear area also comes in handy. Precautions and safety measures should also be taken into consideration as well as things to do in case problems arises during the operations. The above method, as explained, is the simplest method which ensures the cutting of large logs is successful.  

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